Super Patio

You will have to look long and hard to find a Patio as big as this Super Patio. This patio measures a massive 9.6m out from the house eaves - its almost as big as the house itself!

Not just anyone can build a patio like this. It takes real expertise and experience to acomplish such an engineering marvel.

Unlike many Patio companies, only Midland Outdoor Centre has over 35 years of experience which means we have all the experience required to really deliver.

We do not buy in prefabricated products, we have our own fabrication facilities in Midland and we design and manufacture all of the products we supply and install

We can supply you with a truly unique and custom product, we don’t have to cut down prefabricated panels and hope that they fit, we can fabricate custom panels to suit your particular requirements ensuring the best solution.

It also means that should something go wrong and should you need to replace something, we can in most cases quickly and easily accomplish this, as we are not reliant on imported prefabricated panels.

We’re only a small company but that’s by design as it enables us to do what we do best, focus on delivering the best solutions whilst being flexible enough to meet any requirement. We like to listen to our prospective clients to find out exactly what they want and why they want it, only then will we work with you to come up with a solution that meets this and in many cases exceeds expectation.