about us

Midland Outdoor Centre is a quality manufacturer of patios in Perth. Our customer oriented approach allows us to create a patio just for your home. If you are interested in building a patio for your home in Perth, feel free to contact Midland Outdoor Centre.

We’ve been fabricating patios, carports, garages and sheds in and around Perth for over thirty-five years. We source and use quality products, all fabricated in our own production facility to ensure we have a product to suit your specific requirements.

This makes sure that irrespective of the design of the patio you choose, the fact that it is made of metal will allow you the choice of a lattice, solid, or adjustable metal patio to stand and be able to take nature head on.

Midland Outdoor Centre was officially formed in 1981 although it had operated for a number of years prior to this. As you can imagine we’re based in Midland, Western Australia and we’re proud to support local businesses in any way that we can.

We were amongst the first in the Perth Patio arena to actually pioneer many of the designs and techniques now adopted by almost everyone in this industry and we continue to be innovative and forward thinking in all things that we do. We believe in good old fashioned service, and we treat people exactly how we would like to be treated.